Sunday, May 24, 2015

Elimination diet and fighting the fibro update!

These last few days have been brutal. I can hardly move and my stomach's pain has been unrelenting! I had to actually take some pain killers yesterday. It is always worse when it rains. We have gotten rain for weeks now! As I type this I am actually sitting in front of my happy light. It is supposed to help decrease melatonin and give the user more energy. I found out on Friday that my liver is malfunctioning and I am pre-diabetic. My cortisol levels are also too high in the morning and gone in the afternoon. Still no answers on the excruciating pain in my stomach.

Due to all of this news and my doctors recommendation. I cannot continue the elimination diet as it is intended because I am starving! I am still going to stay away from sugar and things that break down into sugar. I am also going to avoid red meat and try some salmon this week! Obviously if it hurts my stomach I will make not of it and wait another week and try again.

I am still eating soup and drinking my opticleanse Ghi shakes so I will quit repeating that one. I have had spaghetti squash with chicken a lot. Last night I made a broccoli potato soup but I didn't use the milk for me and some ham. The ham and potatoes wasn't my first choice but I was sooooo hungry!

I was also put on several nutritional supplements.
  • One of them is N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)- it is a powerful antioxidant to helps my liver protect me against toxicity. I read up on liver dysfunction. It is hard to detect because blood tests show it functioning normally. Hopefully since we caught it before it is diseased I can repair it. I know very little on what I need to do at this point. It does scare me though!

I found this article on liver dysfunction diet. I have already cut out fats and added omega 3 and fish oil. I plan on finding ways to add more turmeric into my diet too. I also found this list of refined carbohydrate and other foods to stay away from. Still lots of tweaking to do.

I am more active lately and notice more energy spurts and my husband and I have been alternating massaging. It seems to be helping me to sleep better at night. I have had 2 nights where I don't remember waking up until morning. Each step I take seems to be taking me in a positive direction. Yay for progress!

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