Monday, May 25, 2015

Summer of sucess lesson plan for week 1

Me and my little ones have been studying bugs. Now my big kids are home so they get to join the fun.

1.Intro to schedule and how to study the scriptures. I really want to focus on that this week
  • Give each a notebook to write on
  • daily devotional and virtue
  • Daily writing
  • reading log and Minutes=TV time
  • help them set persona; goals
I like  to use summer as a time to fine tune and oil the machine of family cooperation. Goals we make are morning routines, re-teaching cleaning, organizing, behavioral issues, manners, and many other life skills. I have more time with them since they are not in school.

Household contributions: The kids also get morning, afternoon and night chores. I am still deciding what I want to do there. I want to teach them the art of picking up. Clothes that are taken off do not belong on the floor, food dishes get rinsed and put in dish washer and table gets wiped down, those kind of things. It will take a lot of diligence to catch them in their bad habits. First I will go over their routine and write out exactly what must happen and make sure everything has a home. Second, I will re-teach them how to clean up their rooms and bathrooms and how often I expect it! We will practice for a week and then the consequences will be added the next week. There will be confiscation and loss of privileges. I will write it out so that everyone understands. There will also be awards to go on an outing, mom and Dad time etc......Each week as we progress into more independence I will be less likely to compromise. The 3 week we will work on being cheerful. I think you get the idea. I might even make it a contest that the cleanest room gets a reward or something. Week 4 there will be no more reminders, just praise and more time to play. Hopefully?

May 25th Intro to Summer of success and what I expect.
Devotional-teaching kids to be teachable

May 26th-Bugs Theme
Devotional-spirituality 4 kids
Heavenly Father will always be there to help
Writing- What would you like to do this summer? This week?
Activity- Flip beetle math

May 27th-Bugs Theme
Devotion-Life is like a game
Writing-word scrambles

May28th-Bugs Theme
What we really want out of life, not just the physical
 writing-Find a insect. Describe it. Write a story of where they are coming from or going.
Trip to Library
Chemistry party

May29th-Art day
devotional-The light
Spiritual light we can always feel. It is up to us to reveal what is inside.
writing-What would life be like without insects?

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