Thursday, May 23, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday-Week 7

Today I looked at the dishes to be washed and stared them down.I am the boss in this here kitchen and they needed to go! Why do I let it pile up? Oh yeah I am a Mom of four busy and inquisitive children. The baby screams and all comes to a halt.I cannot live up to the world's idea of a perfect Mom.However, I do have days where I get things done and play with my kids.I discovered today that my toddler can wash his cars while I wash the dishes.It goes right along with our theme for this week,Transportation. There are days when I can get things done and others where the piles of things I have to do laugh at me and say I will never catch up.I think what a mess.A mess just means we live here.We experiment and play.The kids left there dishes on the table but the food is gone.I may not be the best housekeeper by a long shot,but I am the best Mom I can be.(at least trying to be.)
Sometimes my life is upside down 

I just had to share my thoughts.Now as I move on to my exercise challenge I grimace because I have lost some motivation lately, but here is week 7.My challenge is to strengthen our core.I am strengthening one core,the very center of my world,my family! But my belly still reminds me I have that weight to lose! Here is a challenge to do 6 core abdominal moves
Are you ready?Bring it on!

Are you new to my 12 week challenge?Here are the weeks so far.
1.Week 12 and count down
2.Week 11
3.Week 10
4.Week 9
5.Week 8
Good luck this week! I hope I inspired you today!

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