Sunday, December 15, 2013

25-28 days(40 days closer to Christ)

Sorry I am so late on this post.It has been hard to keep up.The most important thing to remember is to take the time enjoy the journey.If I am stressing about getting a post out then it is not as enjoyable as it should be.  That is what I am doing.Then I may go back and add more.Some things are to personal to post, but know either way this has been a meaningful experience for me.I hope it has helped bring you closer to God or given you hope or peace.

Day 25
Read John 9:1-38
Think about something that had been troubling you.Pay the Savior will touch your eyes so that you will see what you need to do differently.

Day 26
Read Moroni 7:26
In her book Emily Freeman talks about 5 steps to improve our prayers.They are
1.To ask
2.Ask in the name of Christ
3.Determine "which is good"
4.Ask in faith
5.The blessings will come
Choose one out of the five steps of prayer to focus on.How will remembering these five characteristics make your prayers more meaningful?

To have more meaningful prayers has been a huge goal and habit I have wanted to change this month.I think sometimes it  is easy to think we are doing enough by just going through the motions. However,if we really want answers and to know him we have to do more than get on our knees.I think it is time again for me to ask to say more sincere prayers.I know it works.Even though I have had sick kids and have also been down with a cold,I can't be a mombie!(mom-zombie)

Day 27
Read John 10:1-18
Think about how you have learned to recognize his voice.Find one way to hear his voice today.

I have never heard my Savior's voice directly.There are many times it is a thought that just wouldn't go away.One time it we were going on a trip as a little girl and I asked my Dad as we started to get on a on ramp.My Dad had driven this trip many times.When I asked he paused and realized it was the wrong on ramp and was able to back up and we didn't lose any time.

Some of my big decisions have been made after praying and feeling peace and having no more doubt in my mind.Times like my lds mission and if I should marry my husband.In fact all my major decisions were made after praying and thinking about it over and over.I think as long as I strive to know him and be close to him I will recognize his voice in its variety of delivery methods.
Day 28
Read Mosiah 2 focus on verse 5-6
What counsel do you remember most from last General conference.Write down the counsel given and place it somewhere you will see it often..What is one weedy you can apply inspired counsel to your life today?

For those of my readers of another faith we have a Conference every 6 months in October and April.It is an opportunity to hear our Prophet,who today is Thomas S. Monson,and other Church leaders.You can read the talks here
"These conferences are always under the direction of the Lord, guided by His Spirit.3 We are not assigned specific topics. Over weeks and months, often through sleepless nights, we wait upon the Lord. Through fasting, praying, studying, and pondering, we learn the message that He wants us to give."
" In addition to inviting us to hold personal and family scripture study, Heavenly Father wants us to regularly study and apply what we have learned in conference. I testify that those who put their trust in the Lord and heed this counsel in faith will gain great strength to bless themselves and their families for generations to come."

"Oh, how we need general conference! Through conferences our faith is fortified and our testimonies deepened. And when we are converted, we strengthen each other to stand strong amid the fiery darts of these last days."(October General Conference,Robert D. Hales)

That being said,I am afraid I do not use this resource as often as I should.In fact reading and teaching  from these talks we mentioned multiple times.I love this idea of writing a principle down and putting it somewhere you can see it!I don't want to miss out on these little improvements and ways I know God is showing he loves me!You can do this with scriptures or any inspirational thought too!

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