Thursday, December 12, 2013

More ice play ninja style-If you have boys this is a must read!

My kids are really into Ninjago.A fictional Lego action cartoon.There are 4 ninjas Kai,Jay,Zane and Cole.Together they have adventures.We decided to have our own adventures,as we learn about the four elements these ninjas could use.These weapons are

  • Sword of Fire — Kai's weapon that can blast out fire. 
  • Nunchucks of Lightning — Jay's weapon that emits electricity to power up things or shock anyone. 
  • Shurikens of Ice — Zane's weapon that when thrown and hits something, it freezes its surroundings.
  • Scythe of Quakes — Cole's weapon that creates earthquakes and fissures when it hits the ground. 

Zane is the white ninja of ice.My boys have become master's of the snow but can they make ice?

Snow flakes are a form of ice.We made snow flakes from q-tips,but they became much more!The boys were able to release streams of ice.......

 We cut out the snowflake.I used hot glue to make sure it stayed together better.The snowflakes became Shurikens of ice,like Zanes weapon.
 They could freeze their surroundings or people if the snowflake touched you!It is our variation of freeze tag.
My oldest made one look more like a ninja star!Do you see it.It is black.

Other ideas:
  • Put ice cubes in different places and have them predict which will melt first.You could put them in the fridge.On the counter in a cup,in a cup of water,outside in the sun or shade.
  • Another idea is to make ice tunnels
We are still working on practicing the letter I and counting.Don't worry.There will be more baby play ideas coming your way too!
We also talked about who you call in case of emergency(i.c.e.)We talked about 911,our phone number,fire,and earthquake.A ninja needs to train right?

I might have to do fire next......more ninja posts coming your way!

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