Saturday, January 4, 2014

Reaching in and reaching out-How is week 1 going?

Day 2
Got dressed and tried on clothes in a new way and did my make up.
Spent time with my husband.We lit candles and planned meals together and talked.

Day 3
Select a plant.Here is a list of great ones to purify indoor air:

Here is another fun read:

Do you believe in Feng Shui?Certain plants create more energy.This concept has always been interesting to me.Check out this site to educate and inspire

I do not have a green thumb at all!This will be a new experience for me!

Day 3
After doing some research we picked our plants!See which ones on the next post!I can't believe I haven't put plants in my house before!I did some more clothing match up with a T-shirt and over shirt.It feels so good to take care of myself. I also got a much needed haircut!Short and sassy!



Day 4
I have been thinking a lot about plants lately.There are so many different kinds.They need different light exposure and watering.This is not unlike children.Each of them are individuals.They need different nurturing to grow and bloom.So how do we find out what they need?If they are old enough you could just ask them,but most children we just learn by trial and error. Just like all plants need the sun, children need to hear about the son,Jesus Christ.It is our responsibility.They also need water.This could be compared to our time.I bet you all spend time with your kids, but they need MORE!Pray to understand your kids.Talk with your spouse about your kids and what they might need.

Today my main focus was to set goals and look at my routines to see what is working and what is not!I think my biggest hang up is delegating,finding where the bad habits are and helping my young kids see the value of jobs and self care.No pressure right?;-)
My nights have been so crazy so this is where I need to get lunches,outfits and everything ready for the next day!

WENDY ULRICH, PH.D., AND CHRISTINE PACKARD, M.C., L.P.C. said it best that "Goals and routines help people prevent depression and temptation and navigate between the opposing quicksands of boredom and excessive stress. As we learn to stick with a difficult task, we have the pleasure of getting the things we want most, not just the things we want now."(Ensign February 2010)

We made a family goal to work on our night routine.Then we talked about the kids individual goals.We are not giving up on our goals and will check in as a family how we are all doing.

My 8 year old wants to keep his room clean.We talked about how he was doing and what he could do better.He is going to clean up when he is done and not throw his clothes on the floor.
My 6 year old wants to not fight with her brothers.We talked about what she could do when she is mad at her brothers.
My 3 year old wants to work on being potty trained.He gets a treat when he sits on the potty.It has been hard for him to be interested.

During quiet time I try to use it for a break.I usually can't get the baby to sleep so its not a full break.Today my husband took the baby to the store.I did some yoga,which I have not done in a long time!My daughter even joined me.It was just 10 minutes but it felt great,but I am sooo out of shape!lol

What is great about this week is that each time of reaching inward or out to someone I am doing something new!I learned what my style is and tried switching things up in my closet.I know I want to take a little time with my appearance each day.I also learned more about feng shui and cleaned the air in my home.I also realized my husband needs more of my time and service.I have felt very involved in my life this week and not like it just is passing by.If I could sum it up in one word it would be 

Be an active part of your life!Be present in those moments of you time.Soak it up and let it energize you!

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