Monday, January 27, 2014

Reaching in and Reaching out-Week 4 Day 25

Are you hiding your talent?Are you using it fully?

 Matthew 25:14–30 (parable of the talent)

"Our families are blessed as we use our abilities in our homes. As we learn to sew, cook, and keep an orderly home, we can beautify our lives and lighten others’ work. As we develop a kind and loving nature, we bring peace and harmony into our homes. We can extend our talents to bless the neighborhood where we live. We can bring joy to friends around us as we help those in need."(rest of this lesson found here)

"NEGLECT NOT the gift that is in thee;
MEDITATE upon these things;
GIVE thyself WHOLLY to them.”
1 Timothy 4:14-15

Some talents I have been wanting to learn or re-learn:

  • Be more sensitive to feelings.I feel like that used to be a strength,but as I try to discipline and take on my day, I get impatient and angry.What if instead of putting my child in time out all alone,I sat with him/her until they were calm,and talked them through it?How would I feel then?Could I be prompted more easily?
  • We love music.My husband and I both like to sing and play instruments.We don't do this very often.I decided for family night I want to do a talent show
  • I love to organize,but I am NOT organized.I am trying though and delegating.
  • I love to write
  • I love people.There are so many times I want to do something but I end up not doing it.I want to put these intentions and thoughts into action!
  • The one we can all do more of is positive thinking.If you can have a positive outlook you can further any talent you have or want to have. 
There are so many great things we can learn.I hope you have been thinking about what interests you!Your gift can benefit so many if we use it fully.Wherever we have been holding back,let go.

If we do tend to hide our talents it is for many reasons.You may not feel like you have the time.You may not feel that you are good enough h or can do it as well as another mother.These are all negative thoughts.I can tell you as long as you are TRYING you are good ENOUGH!

How to be more positive-in 2 steps

1.Watch out for negative thinking.Try instead to be grateful for what you have and who you are.Those negative thoughts will soon become positives.This is one of the most important things I do for my happiness blueprint.Replace thoughts of helplessness with being helpful.Hopelessness can become hopeful!
2.Practice being grateful.You can write what you are grateful for down at the end of the day.Learn to change your thinking you change you're attitude.If you change your attitude you change your life!Tore life will be more full and happy!

I wrote more on this here

Reaching out:
What I want to do this week is to write a letter to my family outside my State and give them an update.Instead of writing a Christmas letter for the whole year I thought it would be more fun to break it up month by month.I want the kids to make Valentine's cards as well.

For our home's this week it is all about getting stuff out of the house.Each day take a garbage sack and pick a room.Set the timer for 15 minutes and pick up garbage.Find one item to get rid of that is not trash.Put that item in a donate box.At the end of the week see if you or the kids missed it.If not donate.If you get some money for selling old clothes to a place like kid to kid.You could donate the money to a charity.Anything goes!Be ruthless!When you are done buy some flowers to brighten up the place.

Things are going well in getting rid of things in my house!I am making so much progress!How is your week going?

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