Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 30 & 31 for 31 days of May-keovers- How to give your May-keover a check up

Today is the last day of May-keovers! I am not sure where I mentioned it but I spell makeovers differently through this series because it is makeovers in May= May-keovers. Just in case some of you were doubting my spelling abilities. Lol! It is a lot easier to get a haircut and change a room in your home than to face your inner demon. What is most important is how you feel on the inside.That is why we need a annual May-keover check up. I hope that my posts this month have challenged you to look deeper. Feel free to go back and take more time on each of them. I know I will!

Like any good check up you should make an appointment. In this case I suggest making an appointment with yourself so that you have time to ask yourselves these questions. You get to be the "physician" and the patient. Only you really know what is going on! Start with different areas of your life.

How are you feeling? What changes have you made that have helped? What do you still need to work on?
Where does it hurt? Your "head" or how you think? Your "heart" or feelings? Stress?
Are you doing anything  to help? This would be like the taking medication part of a doctors exam. What I want to know is what you are doing to help with where it hurts. Is there any tender feelings or signs of diseases in relationships or how you treat yourself?

What is your biggest complaint so that you can find a diagnosis?

What are your symptoms? Are you depressed, tired, overwhelmed, negative to yourself, not trusting, too manipulative....etc?

Final step is coming up with a treatment plan by setting goals to help with your symptoms. You are going to create your own "medical record" but it will be of your hopes, fears, dreams and a plan of action. What makes you happy? What about your attitude and expectations? Are you motivated to make changes? What is that motivation? Where is your energy being used? How much is for yourself, family, friends, husband, house, spirituality, and job.Your symptoms are your biggest clues.

 I told you there were a lot of questions! Take your time and don't rush. Be truthful about your strengths and weaknesses.

Today's assignment:
Get inspired! Don't try to change too much either. Answer the questions above to help you get started. The first step is always the hardest!

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may-keover / by Kristianne Rushton

P.S. I am not suggesting you skip going to the doctor. I am just using terms we are all familiar with. You still need your check ups and a true diagnosis.

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