Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer of Sucess lesson plans-week 2

June 1
Last week we talked about the light. Look up the light of Christ and Holy Ghost
Devotional-I am a key player
writing- Find an insect. Write a story about where it is coming from and where they going.
Finish insect theme and start ecosystems
Activity: Make whirly twirly lady bugs
 June 2
Devotional-The opponent

writing &Activity -Help kids understand the self-contained aspect of ecosystem.What supplies would you need to survive in their rooms for a day? What about if the whole family or 16?
  • calculate the amount of food, water, paper, oxygen, etc. to live in the classroom for a day.
  • you can't refrigerate or cook any food and that electricity would be limited. Encourage students to think of any resource problems that truly exist in the world today and to list ways to solve and remedy such problems
June 3
Devotional-My choices-Part 1

My choices have consequences
writing-What would you do if you were the last man/woman on earth? What fun things would you do?
Activity: Make a worm ecosystem

Devotional-My choices-Part 2
activity-Learn about where you live .A Biome is. a distinct ecological community of plants and animals living together in a particular climate is called a "biome."
Utah Biomes

Writing- What do you think you will find in your dirt sample? Follow steps of lesson. For younger kids they can draw pictures and just play with the sample and look under a microscope.

June 5th
Devotional-Making an effort
Art and friend Friday

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