Monday, January 6, 2014

Meditation Monday-3 ways to beat the post holiday blues

Christmas has gone so fast!New years went in a blink. Most of us made goals.In just a weeks time that resolve to work on our goals already starts to diminish.Why?Is it burn out?Did we set our goals too high or make to many?

This let down after the holidays affects a lot of us.It creeps up on us or gets ahold of us all at once.If you are feeling the blues already you are not alone!Why not make your own holiday!I am calling mine Jollyday.I am going to have a party and celebrate being happy!What I love about this is it can be when I want.I can build up anticipation for it and decorate.Being creative at least once a month is a good cure for those pot holiday blues!If you have made a resolution to de-clutter this can give you a deadline to be done by.

Look at your goals again?Why did you make these goals?Could you change the way they are worded?Maybe your goals need to be broken up into smaller ones.Maybe you need to examine your happiness blueprint and only do things that make you happy!Find a buddy to help you with your goal.This is a good one for losing weight or de-cluttering.Why does the New Year have to be the only time we make resolutions?What about a now. Month,or week or even a new day!

For so many years because of the cold I would hibernate like a grumpy old mama bear.I was in a dark place because I put me there!I let my dark thoughts and my dark attitude surround me!Have you ever notice when you step outside and get some rays your mood is lifted?If you are stuck in doors you are going to go crazy! There aren't just scrooges during Christmas.There are scrooges of time,talent,appearance,health and o much more.We may not realize how unhappy we are so my suggestion is to try these 3 ways

There are so many ways to give.Give a smile,a hug,a call or a visit.Give some time to take care of yourself.I never realized until I was examining my daily routines that I rarely got dressed up or put on make up!
Change something!Anything!Just pick one thing!Get up earlier tomorrow, try a new dinner,or change your to do list and add some fun.
Try something new!Jump out of your comfort zone.Try a new exercise routine,make a new friend. What are you waiting for?

GIVE CHANGE A TRY!You never know what is waiting for you at the top!

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