Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reaching in and reaching out-Week 1(Don't live behind the scenes in your life)

 Love Yourself!
 Take care of yourself so you can take care of your little ones! 

Do you take time to discover each day how beautiful your life can be?If not would you like to?There are three places I believe we have the most impact for our happiness.These are our what I call the 3 h's of happiness.If we are in good health,we know our heart and make our home a heaven on earth;then we will be happy!.Health can be exercising,mental,Heart can be spiritual,service.Home is family,kids,homemaking,teaching.There are 2 ways we can achieve balance in these 3 areas, and that is Reaching inside ourselves and reaching out to others.
As I write our new years resolution I will include a goal each week for reaching inward toward a better you and reaching outside of our comfort zones.Reaching inwards to see who we are or what we could be.It will require being honest with ourselves 100%. Reaching out to a hand in need.We can pray to be led to opportunities to serve.Think outside the box.I will also include something to do for our homes.I don't want anyone to feel like this is just one more thing they need to do.I want it to be simple,a breath of fresh air and insightful!
Week 1-
Reaching in:
Don't live behind the scenes of our life-

Do you feel like your life is just passing by and you are watching it happen.As Moms it can feel like we do the same things over and over.Before we in know it the day is over and feel like we have so much to do still.We are lucky if we get a shower,or have time to do our make up and hair.

What if we could instead get a behind the scenes look by trusting God and following his plan.What does he want us to do as mothers?We can see the pieces of our lives come together by God's design.We can become women who know and love the Lord.We can find times to teach and bear testimony of Him.We need to be strong women who do not give up during difficult times.We need to be nurturing, and protect our families.Your life does not have to feel like a major production every day!Close curtain and we do it all again.Pick an area in your life to do more for you, so you can be strong, nurturing and a better Mom.Here are some ideas:
~Schedule time to relax(I will talk about this in week 2)
~Go to bed early
~Take some time to go through your clothes and plan some cute outfits!
~Go out once a week with friends
~Make plans and routines each day
~Go back to an old hobby or start a new one
~take a day off from the normal
~let go of the guilt to be a perfect Mom=less stress:-)
~Plan quality time with family
~Say no to anything not important to you
~See your time as precious and use it wisely
~Take mini breaks throughout the day
~Just break up your routine into smaller, and more achievable chunks.(found idea here)

Tip:Do a little each day!

TODAY I made sure I got a shower and I dressed up my t-shirt with a scarf and a blazer and put on make up!It is easy to let my appearance go.

Reaching out:
See who needs your time and give it without interruption.Use this week to think of your husband or kids and spend time with them with no interruption.Maybe you want to visit someone who is lonely.

Bring in flowers or plants.Think of yourself and your family as these flowers.They are ready to bloom and it is your job to help them.How can you help yourself and children bloom this week?

~Here is a sneak peek of the rest of the month~

Week 2
Reaching in:
Do not work against yourself-rest more,reflect,pamper yourself
Reaching out:
Do something for a neighbor or friend
Pick something on your project list that you have been wanting to do.

Week 3
Reaching in:
Get over mental blocks
Reaching out:
Write love notes to kids and husband this week.
Home:Take this week to make your room more restful.Get the clutter,laundry or whatever out!

Week 4
Reaching in
Let yourself shine through and unlock your true potential
Reaching out:
Write a monthly update to family in a letter,or email.Hand written is better.
Bring light in.Start by opening the blinds to let in natural light.I will discuss different ways to bring in more light and do before and after pictures of my living room.We might add mirrors and a new lamp.We shall see. :)Most importantly we need to bring in God's light and love into our homes.

It is about YOU,
                     FAMILY and making your HOME a heaven on earth.

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