Monday, January 13, 2014

Reaching in and Reaching out-Week 2 Day 12 and 13

You don't have to look to hard to find your treasure!
Day 12
I am learning so much this week!It just makes me giddy!It is like I am on a treasure hunt and I am uncovering little jewels each day.Who doesn't like treasure hunts.There is anticipation,excitement,and mystery.There are at least 3 I want to mention.

First jewel,is YOU!I hope you are figuring out what makes you happy,what you need.You need to know it is okay to take the pressure off yourself and take away the guilt.There are so many facets to you!

Second jewel, I found just by looking and listening to all that is around me.I found that things could sparkle again!My kids have so much sparkle and personality.Their laughs and smiles.I love to watch them playing together!Nature is beautiful and cold.brrrrrr

Third jewel, is time.Time for you.Schedule it and make it happen.You may need a break weekly or daily.Think about what works best and write it down on a calendar.I have found that once a day at home is my cup of tea!If I can,I like to go out once a week too.

Treasure you time,yourself and your family!

Reaching out-
I really have been trying to be more present for my kids.I really love listening to them.This is especially true when they ask "Mommy can you play with me"I just smile and tell them ok or after I finish these couple of dishes.Then I ask if they want to help.The baby just wants to climb in the dishwasher.

Day 13
I am feeling blah again today.Maybe because I have not been getting enough sleep or haven't felt like doing my make up. It could be this blasted weather.I also woke up late because I was up all night with the baby and have a kink in my neck.

Have I remembered to breathe?Yes.My timer is still going off so it makes me stop.I didn't really get a chance to just listen to my kids this morning.I was too stressed because we were late:(
I hope I didn't raise my voice too much!Mrs.Crabby pants,that's me!

I heard somewhere that it takes 3 positives to counteract 1 negative.So if I look at my day, which started out not so great I have at least 6 or 7 negative occurrences or thoughts.Does that mean my day is ruined?

No!You keep moving forward, but keep in mind that you might be more crabby certain days,so guard yourself, and watch your thoughts!

That means I need 21 positives........yikes!

1)I did get on the floor and play with my youngsters!2)I did clear dishes and counter space,after I spent time with kids first!3)Good prioritizing?Yes!4)I did find time to stretch and breathe!5)Folded laundry.6)Texted my hubby to see how his day was.7)Now I am thinking about 3 friends to text to see how they are doing?That makes me feel better!8)My preschooler has been in a good mood9)Nap time is going well.10)I prayed and read my scriptures.11)I am holding my baby who is so precious.12)As I am doing this my negative thoughts and stress are melting away.(I wish the snow would too!)13)looking outside to see if I can see any deer or birds.It is beautiful!14)I am happy to be warm inside.15)writing makes me happy and a little less CraZy :-P 16)Only 5 more positives to go17)baby is breathing great18)My oldest just called me from school so I got to talk to him and tell him I love him19)I had a healthy lunch20)my preschooler is eating better21)I am getting to have a rest right now

Whew!That was a lot but my mood is better and there are a lot of things to be positive about and happy!It is like food for the soul.Of course I did this to show that the way you think is very powerful.You can change bad day just by how you choose to think if it.That is power.Your mind can do amazing things.Listen to it.Even if it starts out with negative thoughts.That is just a starting point.It is ok to be real with your emotions.You just don't want it to drag you down or dwell on it. Learning to rest and slow down is a matter of training your mind!That starts with you feeling ok about it.No guilt right?You can do it!

Get back to nature
It was sunny today so I picked up the kids and took them to the park.I brought a notebook or journal.You could also bring a magazine. Just relax and soak up some vitamin D!

Reaching out
I offered to pick up some groceries for a sick mommy and her kids.It is still hard with a sick baby and Mommy!

There is a plan for this Friday to start sanding and painting.I am nervous to change the color but I think it will look great.I have also been working on a few little de-cluttering ideas and am excited to try it!

How is your week started?Do you already need a course correction.Have you helped anyone today?

Are you happier today than you were yesterday?

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