Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reaching in and Reaching out-week 3 Day 15

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Reaching in:
It has been a great journey so far and I have learned a lot.I hope we are all feeling good and relaxed because this next week we are going to be asking some tough questions and taking a giant leap toward our dreams.That is right,just because we are adults doesn't mean we stop dreaming.If there is something holding you back;then you have a mental block.This week I hope we can identify and get over these mental blocks.

Whether we know it or not our mind creates mental road blocks.It can stop us in our tracks like a stop sign.Maybe it is more like a u-turn.Oops can't go there!Sometimes I see a lot of mental caution signs with reflectors and everything!We get stuck or scared to try.Here are just a few roadblocks we might face in anything but especially our dreams.

1.Make excuses or blame other people why your life isn't the way you want.
2.Self doubt-You tell yourself "I can't" because....
4Stuck in wonder land.I wonder what it would take to do____
5.Don't know where to start!

TODAY we get to just dream.Get a journal or a notepad and just start writing.Ask yourself,What do I love?What have I put on hold?What would I be doing if I had no restrictions?These questions should open the "floodgates" to endless possibility.Whatever your heart desires write it down!We will get to how and when later.Pray for help and guidance to make these dreams a reality!It is only God who can put us on the right path.

Tomorrow we jump in to our dreams with both feet!
Excited?I am!!

Each day I will talk about one if the above mentioned roadblocks.This week we will find out why we are stuck.Make goals and don't worry if they are big.Once you get what you want to do  then break it down into smaller goals and much more...

My dream is to write children's book or any book really.I love to write!I am not going to worry if is successfully published or not I just want to write!I think I might make one for my 3 oldest kids?Maybe?

What is your dream?Share if you want to and brighten or lighten someones day!


Reaching out:
Write love notes to kids and husband this week.I picked this because it is a simple way to show someone love and kindness!There are many printable lunch box notes you can use,or write your own!

Make your bedroom an Oasis.Break out the candles and soft music!My room is always so full of clothes and stuff that I can never just relax in there!Today's challenge is to clear out the clutter.Pick up the clothes,take anything out of there that should not be.Also clear nightstand,dresser and make the bed!Then I will discuss ways to make it more relaxing and not just a place you keep your bed to fall into every night!

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