Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Reaching in and Reaching out-Week 3 Day 21

How have you blossomed this month?How have you helped nurture your kids?

I have really been enjoying these challenges this month.What about you?Hopefully you are aware of yourself and not lost in mommy land and the business of life.Our heart,health and home depend on us taking care of ourselves.These three areas are all encompassing.We need to do a little in each area daily.
Week 1-
Reaching in:
We learned you can't be behind the scenes of our life.Take some time daily if you can for you.Care about how you look,exercise and talk to friends.Do what makes you happy!No more wondering where your day went.

What if we could instead get a behind the scenes look by trusting God and following his plan.What does he want us to do as mothers?

Reaching out:
See who needs your time and give it without interruption.I found it to be my husband most days.

Bring in flowers or plants.Think of yourself and your family as these flowers.They are ready to bloom and it is your job to help them.How can you help yourself and children bloom this week?

Week 2-
Reaching in:
It is important not to work against yourself.Learn to rest more and reflect.Take time to breathe.Learn to listen to your body.Your kids need your time and to be present.It isn't too hard to really listen to them and see how they how much they are and have changed.

Reaching out:
Do something for a neighbor or friend.Give them a call or bring treats.You could also pray for them.

Working on a project from your to do list.

Week 3
Reaching in:
We have been talking about getting  over mental blocks.Whether we know it or not our mind creates mental road blocks.It can stop us in our tracks like a stop sign.

1.Don't make excuses or blame other people why your life isn't the way you want.
2.Eliminate self doubt-I can't because....
3Stuck in wonder land.I wonder what it would take to do____

My book I have been writing is coming along nicely!Just a few minutes a day.It is important to have a plan.

Reaching out:
Write love notes to kids and husband this week.

Make room an oasis and relaxing place to be.The biggest change here,for me,is to not throw my clothes on the floor or to let other things pile in.

I think week 4 is going to be the best yet!Stay tuned for tomorrows post..........

Are you happier today than you were yesterday?

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