Saturday, January 18, 2014

Reaching in Reaching out-week 3 Day 17

Day 17
Reaching in-
Did you do anything towards your dream today?This week we are taking action!If there is something you have been wanting to do.Now is the time.Over the last couple of days hopefully you know what you want and you are going for it!We talked about making a plan because of course life is life and you can't quit being a Mom or your job.Changing Careers is a big step!Whatever you chose and whatever your path I hope it is moving forward!Fear might try to creep in,but let it motivate you more that you are on the right path.

Fear is very real.When you were little maybe you were afraid of the dark or monsters under your bed.Now that you are older fear of failure can creep up on us like the boogie man.It can grip our heart strings or change how we see ourselves or what is before us.So how do we overcome fear.There is a show called fear factor where people have to do some intense stunts and scary challenges.These contestants look fear in the eye,sometimes literally! What I want you to do today is look your fear in the eye.Then factor in what your fear is and what is causing it.Are there triggers?Is it a new fear or have you felt this way for a while?Write your fear and one goal to overcome it.

For me I fear that I will never publish my books.One thing I want to do is make that phone call to get the ball rolling.

What are you going to do to chase your dreams.
Reaching out
I read this scripture today ....
D&C 64:33
"Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great."

I thought it fit perfectly with motherhood.It is the best thing we can be doing.Enjoy it!Make memories.Your kids will remember those little love notes you wrote.Write a letter today to give to them later on,if you chose,and tell them what you think they might need to know for the future.

I thought working on our bedrooms was a perfect companion to working on our dreams.We should have a place to relax and inspire us!How is your room looking now?Are the clothes creeping back in?Think about any bad habits you might have.It is so easy to toss our dirty clothes wherever and get into bed isn't it?Another one I am guilty of is when we are expecting company I toss all the odds an ends quickly into my room.So bad!According to feng shui ,clutter can block the flow of chi, lead to stagnation, disturb sleep and generally prevent things in your life from moving forward.The better my room is looking the better I feel but I have to kick those bad habits out the door!Hello Oasis and bye bye clutter!

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