Thursday, January 30, 2014

Take back your Turf Thursday-what happened to Reaching in and reaching out week 5?

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The snow is falling here and so is my energy to get things done.This last month I have been doing my Reaching in and reaching out challenge.That determination hasn't fizzled just trying to write a post everyday has yet again proved to be challenging.So what did I decide?......Reaching in has reached out to Take your Turf back Thursdays and they have now joined forces.It is now a weekly series!Yay! Of course taking back your Turf falls in the Home section of the weekly challenge.

Reaching in:
So tomorrow is the eve before February.I am not going to lie this makes me ecstatic that Spring is nipping at winters heels!After Christmas I am done with the cold and snow!However since this disagreement I have with winter exists in my head I choose to use February as a time to love myself,my partner and kids to the fullest.Take that winter,oh I mean I love you winter!So happy almost New month!

How are you doing on your resolutions? It is a start of a new month and time for me to look at my goals and with as much excitement as the New year I am recommitting myself!That is where you all come in dear readers.I am writing this publicly so I can be held accountable.

So how am I going to show more love to myself?

If you have taken the journey with me so far I think we have learned some very important things we can do.For example, slowing down,scheduling time for yourself daily and weekly outing.What about what you think about yourself?Are you taking care of your health and your heart?I am only mentioning a few right now.I will talk more about what is to come next post.To set the tone in your home you MUST make time for YOURSELF!You will be amazed how much more you can GIVE of yourself.

Reaching out:

How am I going to show love for others?

As I mentioned above I am using February to increase my love for my family.14 days of focused love,and attention from yours truly!Lots of hugs and cuddling,one on one time,and controlling my anger.I know there are going to be those days where I have to muster all I have not to lose my mommy mind!

How will de-cluttering and downsizing what I have help my home be a more loving place?

I plan on answering these questions as I discover them this next month.I hope you take the journey with me!Do not despair if there is not a post everyday.There is going to be a lot of LOVE for my family and myself.I can share some here to on my blog too.<3 My hope is to have a happier HOME ,children and HUSBAND.

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