Friday, May 29, 2015

Food elimination and fighting the fibro-Diets,diet and more diets to try

I had a contrast iv scan last week and it was discovered that my walls of my colon  were thickened. So it could be colitis. I won't know until I do more tests. I am going to try the colitis diet. I also need to be careful of refined grains and sugar because I might be pre-diabetic. My body has never responded to sugar well either.

As I was looking at both diets. I noticed how they were practically opposite from each other. They are like 2 sumo wrestlers fighting one another. I am squished in the middle! Help me!  Now I am thinking how I will ever eat again. So picture if you ate and your stomach hurt after a while you wouldn't want to eat anymore. Then you get nauseated, feel like you have the flu and get migraines. You would be desperate right? I am trying to paint a picture of just how I feel. Then I come across part of the article where it says you have to bring your own food and if someone asks and you tell them they should understand. Then it mentions if they give you a hard time you could always tell them colitis comes with(I will spare you the graphics) a host of stomach issues. After I read this I started laughing uncontrollably. My kids came from all areas of the house to see what was going on. My laughs turn into hysterics and crying. I am still laughing though. I HAVE LOST IT! Yes, I think I have reached a breaking point. I was unlike this lady at Breakfast at Tiffanie's weird party. You have to watch the whole bizarre scene.

My pain is still a 5. I am like a pain diamond. There are so many facets to my pain.I am an auto-immune rock star! I think I should get a t-shirt that says so don't you?

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