Friday, January 17, 2014

File it Friday-It is good to end your week on a positive note!

File this week under:Learning to listen

First of all I would like to thank the little people for helping me this week.These little people are my kids!They really surprised me this week.My daughter cleaned a closet just because she wanted to!I am grateful to my husband who helped me clean,cook or whatever I needed.

I feel like as always I didn't accomplish as much as I wanted but I am sooooo sleep deprived!I need to find the motivation to clean.Three things I did accomplish was listening and playing with my kids more.I also had Scouts at my house and it was very successful.I was able to catch up on my laundry.I also organized a girls night,which I really needed!

Goals this week
1.Keep my room clean and schedule time to relax.
2.Work on writing for my book
3.Find ways to lower my grocery bill

What are your plans to make next week a better week?What will you file and remember it as?

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