Thursday, January 2, 2014

Take back your Turf Thursday

Here are a few things I am doing this week.There is a lot of catch up to do because of the Holidays!Here we go.....

1.Created cooking and baking zone
2.Put up my calendar.I love this calendar because every person in the house has a different color for them.It is bigger than my other calendar too!The other weekly board is where I will write that days activity,just as a point of reference since my Calendar is behind a closed door.I can also write my meals on there.My husband wrote fish,fillet Mignon and Lobster on there.Do you think he was trying to give me a hint?lol

3.Put up shelves in kids room using rain gutter!I know so cool right?I wonder who came up with this idea?

4.Put away Christmas decorations.Looking into buying some flowers or a plant to brighten up the place.See First post of Reaching in and reaching out for why I did this.
5.Remember all those neighbor gifts or leftover pie?This week its time to get rid of them or put them away.Most likely everything is getting stale.

6.Don't forget to write thank you cards for the gifts. We are doing ours a little different this year.I wrote down what the kids got this year.I have been taking pictures of them playing all week.Now I am going to to take a picture of a child with presents from someone and send picture with a thank you card.I think this is good for the kids to teach them gratitude.

I am very motivated for Take back my Kitchen
Week 1-Create a baking zone.Clear out cupboards and take off doors to sand and paint them.Move all baking stuff into this area.Items used in this area are sugar,flour,measuring cups,measuring  spoons,mixer,baking pans and bowls.I have already started moving things.
Week 2-finish painting lower cabinets
Week 3-Clean out upper cabinets and sand and remove doors.
Week 4-finish upper cabinets and clear out closet for command center

Join me as we take back our house!
                ONE room
                                   ONE spot.....
                                                      ONE step at a time

What are you doing to organize or clean this week?

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