Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reaching in and reaching out-Week 1 days 5-7

Day 5
Just like I promised here are our new plants!We got a Peace Lilly

 and a Red Aglaonema.
Just look at those colors!This has been something my husband and I could do together.He is very excited about it!Also Studies show that being around foliage or colorful blooms relieves stress, soothes sadness and increases calmness.

I decided to have a quote or something nearby to inspire me.I am putting it on my meal planner.So this weeks is by President Lorenzo Snow, the fifth prophet of our dispensation, taught, 
“It is our duty to try to be perfect, … to improve each day, and look upon our course last week and do things better this week; do things better today than we did them yesterday.”So the first step to becoming meek is to improve day by day. Each day we need to try to be better than the previous as we move forward through this process."

Day 6
Reaching in-Today I did some Zoomba and met some new people.I get to shake it with these fun wraps that jingle!What fun!Plus it gave me a boost of energy!

I remembered to wake up and put on my make up.I styled my hair ,a little hair gel and scrunch scrunch I felt pretty good!I have been neglecting this side of me for so long!

Reaching out-My husband and I talked about how we can spend some more time together and spend more time with the kids.There is no perfect formula for doing this but to schedule it.So we are going to do a weekly date at home or out.We are also going to take one kid out each month.There is no better way to reach out.Service,and being kind and considerate should abound in the home.
I also called or texted some friends to tell them I was thinking about them and what I like about them!
Day 7
Today was a little tough.When it is cold and the sun doesn't shine I lose motivation.I think it is important on this journey to let you guys know I am not perfect and I have bad days,where everything is a struggle.I keep trying though! I spent a lot of my time with my 2 youngest boys.We read books,played with blocks and of course cars!I kind of took a back step on doing my hair and getting dressed in something other than a T-shirt.I did rest though and since I came down with a cold this week I delegated dinner and made a phone call to my family who live in a different state.It was difficult because I lost my voice.They just got back from a trip and the airline lost their luggage so they win!

Week one's challenge has been tough to do.It is hard to put yourself first but you want to feel great and enjoy things too!You don't want to feel pulled at and torn like my poor new peace Lilly,when it met my crawling and curious baby!We are really loving our new plant!

What have you been doing with this challenge.Please share and brighten mine and other people's day!

We start week 2 Tomorrow! Check out the introduction page if you just started or want to look back and see what each week is all about!

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