Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Reaching in and Reaching out-Week 2 Day 14

Reaching in
How has your week been?Have you been running yourself into the ground?I wish I could catch up on sleep!Do you recognize when your body is telling you to get some shut eye?I feel sluggish or my eyes ache.If I am easily frustrated or do something absent mindedly, like put sour cream in the freezer or wonder where my phone is while I am talking on it;then I have surpassed when just a little nap will help.I need a 2 day break.If it is in the middle of the week I might see if a friend or family member can watch the kids.When my husband gets home then I either leave the house or take a nap.If I can't do either I may just go to bed early.If it is the weekend ,my hubby is home and we can take turns.

The trick is not letting it get to the point where I am yanking and yanking on the stores door when I need to push!This week hopefully you have figured out some triggers.For example,not eating and drinking plenty,not getting enough sleep,lack of exercise(you should exercise and get some sun at least 30 minutes per day),and crankiness.This means you should slow down maybe take the day off from the norm or do something relaxing to prevent a blow up of any sort.Don't forget to get ready for the day.Enjoy your beauty!You don't have to stay in sweats all day.Which now that it is noon I should change out of!lol
See more pictures of our Spa day we did a little bit ago.

You cannot be nurturing to others if you don't take care of yourself.You do not need to feel guilty for this.You will be more energetic,happy and ready for almost anything.A dull knife is not as useful as a sharp one!

Reaching out
A few names came to my mind today of neighbors or friends.I decided to think about them and pray for them today.Those days where I wonder how I made it,was I could feel the love and prayers and the Lord was there.

Don't forget to listen to your husband and kids!We have a tradition at dinner to talk about our best and worse of the day.Lately we have been talking about how Christ is in our day.Mealtime is a great time to teach and also to be taught.It is a time to notice and enjoy our kids!

I did some more work in the kitchen.I am getting excited for this weekend!I will hopefully have some color on those outdated cabinets of mine!

Oh yes,and my plants are still doing great!I caught my oldest watering the plants,which had recently been watered recently!Too funny!

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