Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Reaching in and reaching out-Week 2

Week 2
Reaching in:
Do not work against yourself-rest more,reflect,pamper yourself
Have you ever pushed on a door to get inside a store only to read in big letters PULL.I have!When we push and push ourselves until our breaking point,we are working against ourselves.We work instead of rest.We keep ourselves busy instead of reflecting.We are caught up in a fast paced world when our bodies are saying slow down.If only we had our own STOP signs to help us know when we should stop and listen....
Listen to nature
Listen to music or create your own
Listen to deep breaths as you meditate or do some yoga
Listen to the silence and let your heart hear uplifting words to feed your spiritual appetite
Listen to your child ask"Can you play with me?"
Resist multi tasking and trying to do "one more thing"

My hope this week is to STOP when I first wake up in the morning and every night to plan to be still.After every hour I will stop and recognize my breath and stop and think about my day so far.How am I feeing?What is my body telling me.I want to notice if I am tense or stressed.What am I thinking?Who am I or am I lost somehow?What will all of rest and reflecting do?Bring is to awareness.Our body,mind and spirit are connected.They are the best of friends.They communicate all the time with eachother.If you let stress,overworking,overtired or anger come into this circle of friendship mind,body and spirit aren't happy and they are confused.Awareness is the key.I am hoping that when our body is running low on energy we can respond by repenishing what it needs.Our body needs sleep,nourishment,physical activity,communication and getting back to nature.I am slowing things down and breathing in the stillness to listen and act on what I feel.This will be chalenging and if you are at work trying to do this take a quick break stretch your legs breathe deeply and get back to work.Maybe you have been working to hard and could use a vacation day.This will be different for all of us!

Great mantra: I can, I must, I will!
Reaching out:
Do something for nieghbor or anyone who comes to your mind.In stollen moments of stillness see whose name(s) pop into your head.Just feel it!Then without worrying if you havr the time act on it!

Pick something on your project list that you have been wanting to do.There has got to be something you have been wanting to but keep putting it off for some reason or another.Well I am giving you a push to do it or make more definitive plans.If you haven't made a list yet here is how you do it.Walk into a room and define what you want to use it for and think of any changes you want to make.Do this to each room.

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