Friday, May 1, 2015

31 days of May-keovers in 2015-20 facts about me!

May is the perfect time to start over. Dust off those shelves and forgotten ideas. May is a time for getting outside. Let us put our good intentions into actions. Our thoughts are drawn to our mothers and grandmothers. We can learn a lot from them and so can our children.

So with that introduction welcome to makeover in May or "May-keover".

I am giving us all permission to do what we may be needing to do but haven't. What can we do with this may-keover month. Anything! May-keover a room or even yourself. Maybe your heart and soul need one?

Just adding some color, paint or new bed sheets can just be like a pedicure or haircut for your home. Maybe you need to simplify? Do you have clutter? Too many toys?

How about your clothes? Make up? Hair or hairstyles?

Maybe your relationships are a bit dusty or that area is looking bare? Friends? Family? Spouse? How can you improve those relationships? May-keover!

How do you feel spiritually? What can you do better or give up to be closer to Jesus? What am I missing that he is trying to tell me? Do I carry too much on my shoulders. Am I doing enough or just getting by day by day?

I am thinking my blog might need one too!

Some ideas cost nothing at all and other projects require a little bit of money. But rest assured I like things that are easy and inexpensive.

There are a lot of areas in our home and life that could use a may-keover. Lets get started! We have 31 days. So first things first. .We need to make a list and access what we want to change. Each week pick an area or two that you might want to change or improve. When you are doing a may-keover on yourself you are just improving what you already have. This is not a time to list all your. This is a perfect time to raid your hundred of pins on Pinterest. There are so many they get lost and forgotten; you chose them for a reason, right?

May 1rst-
Today's assignment-
I decided to tell you little about me and some character flaws I will be working on this month. Here are 20 facts about me:
  1. I am short and proud of it. It was difficult to admit to that as a kid because I was teased about it every day. It made me the feisty girl I am today. :)
  2. My proudest moment is marrying my best friend and giving birth to my kids. I had no idea I would have mostly boys. My daughter is just like me when I was little. We have our moments where neither one of us can win because we are both so stubborn.
  3. I could eat ice cream everyday and twirl spaghetti to my hearts content.
  4. I love roses and the ocean.
  5. My guilty pleasure is watching Netflix. You can't just watch one!
  6. I am addicted to organizing and planning.
  7. I love girls night out.
  8. My favorite movie is While you were sleeping and Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn. I am a huge fan of hers.
  9. I recently started writing a book and dabbling in painting. It is taking a while to finish my first piece.
  10. I am a worry wart! This is something I plan to work on this month.
  11. I love writing my blog and helping people.
  12. I have a crush on Harrison Ford and am a HUGE Star Wars fan!
  13. My favorite childhood book was Poky little puppy.
  14. My favorite childhood shows were Voltron, Rainbow bright, My little pony, Animaniacs, Out of this world and the TGIF shows on Friday.
  15. My husband and I love watching Castle, Psych, White collar, Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and Firefly.
  16. I secretly want to move home to California.
  17. My biggest regret is to people when I hurt their feelings, including friends, parents and my kids. I also regret having depression and when it was so bad I couldn't be a Mom.
  18. My worst habit is not putting lids on correctly.Shhhhh! Don't tell my husband I admitted it! One time he shook a salsa bottle and he was covered and so was the floor. Oops!
  19. I am looking forward to going to England with my sister and seeing all the places where Jane Austin was.
  20. I want to learn more about improving my blog, gardening and photography.
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